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Signs that prove you are Arijit Singh Fan

Here are some signs that prove you to be an Arijit Singh Fan.

Arijit Singh has won millions of hearts with his various super hit songs in the past few years. Are you one of those hearts won by Arijit Singh? Are you confused about being Arijit Singh’s fan? Do not worry we will clear out your confusion.

 The following are a few signs that will prove if you are an Arijit Singh fan or not.

 1) You try to never miss his newly released songs and even suggest your friend hear the song.

 2) You have been wishing to attend at least one of his live concerts as you really want to see him live and dance to his voice.

 3) You have learned the lyrics of all his song and you can sing them very confidently as if they are your own.

 4) You are so much into his lyrics that you cannot tolerate anyone singing the wrong lyrics of his song or anyone singing it in the wrong tone, you always try to correct them.

 5) The majority of the songs in your playlist are the ones sung by Arijit Singh.

 6) You never miss a second from any of his appearances on chat shows and other interviews.

 7) To threaten the person who says anything wrong about Arijit Singh and try to justify yourself.

 8) You have the whole details of his personal life as well.

 9) During Antakshari you can’t help but only sing Arijit’s songs.

10) Tears have rolled out of your eyes while listening to Arijit songs.

      All the above signs prove you to be an Arijit Singh fan.

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