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Shlokka Pandit Shares An Easy Beauty Hack That Every Girl Should Try

Actor Shlokka Pandit shares a beauty hack that she applies in her daily life and also suggests every girl to try.

Actor Shlokka Pandit has shared an easy beauty hack that she follows in her daily life. She says, “I have one beauty hack which I want everyone to know. I want to say, please ice your face. You must have seen Katrina Kaif do that. It works for your face, for your puffiness and pores. It tightens your skin.”

“Also, girls, please use sunscreen. It is very important. People take it casually. But your lines and wrinkles will begin to show after 25. And obviously, maintain a good and balanced diet. Have green juices, soups and drink as much water as you can. Also, one should consult a dermatologist because we can’t self-diagnose. we have this habit to put everything on our face that we find in our kitchen. I am not saying that it doesn’t work. But you don’t know how your skin will react to certain things. A doctor can guide you better instead of picking up products and applying them to your face,” she further added.

Shlokka is a talented Indian actor who made her big Bollywood debut in 2021 with the film ‘Hello Charlie’ also starring Aadar Jain and Jackie Shroff. Shlokka struggled for 7 years before she finally got a break. Shlokka says that she worked as an assistant director and also worked as an assistant in a casting office as a means to get into the industry.

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