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Saturday, June 12, 2021
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Shibani Kashyap Shares Her Experience Of Getting Vaccinated Against Covid-19

Singer and composer Shibani Kashyap narrates her experience of getting the vaccine against Covid-19.


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The vaccination against Covid-19 for citizens above the age of 18 began a few days ago in many parts of the country. Many celebrities also stepped out to get their first dose of Covid-19 vaccine and also urged their fans to do the same.

Popular singer and composer Shibani Kashyap also took her first dose of Covid-19 vaccine earlier this month and posted a picture on her social media account.

In an exclusive interview with Lehren, she narrated her experience of getting vaccinated. She told, “It was a wonderful experience. I really have to compliment the medical workers and staff of that particular hospital here in Delhi. They used all the precautions and they didn’t allow too many people to sit in that particular room where the vaccination was happening. At one time, there were just four people. And I think, that was very safe. And of course, I was taken and vaccinated in isolation. It wasn’t that I was vaccinated in front of too many people. Within 5 minutes, I was vaccinated. They observed me for 30 minutes and then I was out of that place. So, it was very safe.”

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“And yes, there are certain after-effects. But that just shows that your antibodies are forming. So, the next day, I had high fever and a lot of weakness and body ache but then I was okay after that. The after-effects lasted only for one day,” she further added.

She also urged people to focus on building their immunity and their wellness in general. She said, “In our stressful and hectic life, we often forget to have breakfast, we skip lunch for work. We don’t focus on our wellness. So, I am focusing on my health now. Work and everything can happen only if you are well.”

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