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Shekhar Suman Quits His Fight For Justice For Sushant Singh Rajput?

Actor Shekhar Suman has been actively seeking justice for Sushant Singh Rajput right from the beginning. He visited his home in Patna to meet his grieving family and then also demanded CBI enquiry. He has been constantly pointing out at the conspiracy in the case and it wasn’t just a suicide. However, Shekhar Suman quit his fight a month after Sushant’s demise. He wrote on Twitter, “Dear all,Thank you for making my voice strong all this while. Allow me to plz take a backseat now. Since the family is completely silent on this, it’s making me very uncomfortable to go on. I guess its their prerogative and we all should respect that.” He further wrote, “But I will be there behind all of you as a silent force. You have to just summon me and i will be there. I will be the happiest when Sushant gets justice. Thank you each one of you.” People were disappointed with his decision. While some believed that Shekhar Suman is being threatened, most people encouraged him to keep fighting. A few hours later, he again came on Twitter and made a tweet that reads, “I thought about it again and I realized I can’t let down the emotions of so many people. I will have to continue leading the fight from the front. So what if the family is not coming forward..Sushant was a public figure and we are fighting for him.” He also clarifies that he is not being threatened by anyone.