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Sharmila Tagore Is Tensed After Supreme Court Verdict Against Tandav

Bollywood star Saif Ali Khan's mother, 76 years old veteran stunning and iconic film actress Sharmila Tagore is tensed after Supreme Court verdict against Tandav, which has taken a toss on her health currently.

Everyone knows the ongoing controversy surrounding the webseries Tandav which angered netizens and people after they made fun of our hindu religion and gods through certain scenes and dialogues. This case is not about to end so soon, as the latest update in it is that Saif’s mother Sharmila Tagore is tensed after Supreme Court verdict against Tandav.

Before it caught the attention of BJP and Supreme Court of India, already the netizens and social media users were bashing the series Tandav, helmed by noted film maker Ali Abbas Zafar and starring Saif Ali Khan in lead role, incessantly by getting hashtags like #BoycottTandav, #BanTandavNow, #TandavBan, #BoycottSaifAliKhan and so on at trending on twitter. Latest development in this ongoing controversy is that Bollywood star Saif’s mother and Kareena’s mother in law, yesteryear legendary bollywood actress Sharmila Tagore is tensed after Supreme Court verdict against Tandav.

The most important news scoop of the day is that iconic and stunning B town actress Sharmila Tagore is tensed after Supreme Court verdict against Tandav.

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Since the moment the entire Tandav controversy broke out virally on social media and later in BJP and now in Supreme Court, Sharmila Tagore’s health has gone for a toss.

The totally escalatory and rapidly spreading like a wild fire scenario amidst the Tandav row, wherein the webseries directed by Ali Abbas Zafar got released on Amazon Prime Video a few days back itself, which faced a lot of wrath and severe backlash and now with the apex court of justice, i.e. the Indian Supreme Court denying to give any anticipatory bail to all the concerned people after their verdict also came out against Tandav, this legal issue situation has really stressed the 76 years old iconic actress and Saif’s mother Sharmila Tagore who is now really mulling deep and also very worried about how the legal processes against Tandav will go henceforth after Supreme Court’s refusal and verdict against the series.

Sources very close to the Sharmila Tagore’s family have been quoted saying, “Saif and Kareena are expecting a baby in February. The last thing they need at this time is such a terrible crisis. Sharmilaji is deeply concerned at the way the whole episode has panned out. She has often told Saif to be discreet with his public statements and cautious about the projects he takes on”.

Also, after this entire tumultuous Tandav experience, Saif has finally decided to run all his scripts which are being offered to him currently by his vastly experienced mother who knows her Satyajit Ray and Manmohan Desai too well before saying Yes and No.

Also, in a recent interview with a veteran Bollywood film journalist for a leading digital entertainment portal, Sharmila Tagore whilst speaking on her son Saif’s choice of roles said, “He isn’t afraid to take risks as an actor. He has always been unconventional in selecting parts. That could get tricky at times”.

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