Wednesday, September 23, 2020

    Shahid Kapoor is Stalking Kareena Kapoor again? Mira Rajput’s shocking reaction

    In spite of everything being over between Shahid and Kareena, seems like ‘Kuch Toh Baaki Hai’. Check out what we mean by ‘Kuch’!


    We all know the amount of craze Shahid and Kareena have for fitness. Even when the two were dating, they have been spotted many times going to the gym together and in indulging in some fitness worthy activity. So, while the two may have broken up now and are happily married to their respective partners, their ‘common’ craze for fitness is not gone yet. And in fact has increased all the more, to the extent that now Shahid is seen stalking Kareena.

    Recently our paps were successful enough to capture both Shahid and Kareena at the same gym and at the same time. And if that was not enough, then also spotted along with Shahid was his wife Mira. Now this looks like an interesting situation, doesn’t it? So wondering how can we say that all three were at the same place and at the same time? Well, from the pictures one can easily make out that the place is same, however, when we talk about the time, you will have to look at the pictures a little more carefully. In the pictures if you notice both Shahid and Kareena are seen at a time when their shadows are being reflected, making it very clear that the time they went to gym and the sun was scorching right above both of them was somewhere between 11:30 Am to 12:30 Pm, making it pretty evident that the two went to gym together. So, rightfully enough after this can we conclude that Shahid is stalking Kareena at least for her fitness regime? When Mira Rajput came to know about it, even she accompanied him to the gym. So was it really for the gym or to keep an eye on your husband Mira? Well, we have to say it’s a really good move Mira, but you sure have to trust your husband a little more!

    As we know that love story after marriage is the history of Bollywood but, Shahid and Kareena is a different case all together it seems!

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