When Shah Rukh Khan Was Publicly Insulted By A Lady On KBC, She Also Criticised His Acting

 When Shah Rukh Khan was publicly insulted by a lady on Kaun Banega Crorepati, she also criticised his acting.

Shah Rukh Khan self-made superstar in Bollywood who didn’t have any godfathers or connections but made growth not just in a day but over a period of time with his pure passion and hard work towards his craft of acting. He is the most natural actor in the industry. Whether off-screen or on-screen, he brings in a positive energy that just lightens the film itself. With this, experienced people have said, “Do not mess with Shah Rukh Khan.” Once, there was an incident on the sets of KBC where SRK was insulted by a lady, however, he handled things in his own way. Scroll down to learn!

It appears that a female who had attended Kaun Banega Crorepati at the time SRK made an appearance as the host. Despite having no justification, she persisted in criticising the actor before King Khan put an abrupt end to it, as she also judged his acting skills.

One of the hot seat programmes featured a female professor competing as a contestant. She was furious with Shah Rukh Khan from the start, seemingly for no reason. Khan, on the other hand, maintained his composure and handled the situation by making it funnier with humour and wit. As the task was about to end, the lady hit Khan with her greatest shot, making him appear silly.

While quitting the task, she says, “Okay, Mr. Khan, mein iss stage pe kisi tarah ka bhi risk nahi lena chahungi. Muze iss show mein aapse gale milne mein koi shauk nahi hai. Okay, Mr. Khan, I don’t want to take any risks at this show. I have no interest in hugging you on this show.”

She makes an assertion that causes Shah Rukh Khan and the rest of the crowd to pause in amazement. But in the end, Shah Rukh Khan paid it forward in his own unique way. By promising to give her mother a check for the winnings in exchange for a hug, he cracks a humorous joke at the woman. Shah says to the participant, “Mein aapse ek request karunga. Toh mein ye check aapki maaji ko deke aau, aap agar bura na maane toh mein, kyuki woh mujhse gale jarur milengi.

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