Shah Rukh Khan And Virat Kohli’s Fans Got Into An Ugly Fight On Twitter

Virat Kohli and Shah Rukh Khan fans get into an ugly spat on Twitter ahead of the IPL.

The fan followings of Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan and Indian cricketer Virat Kohli are innumerable. And both have fans from different field, and fans can go to any level to support their favorite one. This is something happening with SRK and Virat fans. Their fans recently got into a war that quickly became personal.

The world regards SRK as one of its most admired actors, and Virat Kohli has served as India’s national hero for more than a decade. In actuality, SRK and Anushka Sharma, Virat’s wife, and an actress, get along very well. Regrettably, reality differs from virtual reality, and recently, the conflict between SRK and Virat’s followers got ugly when families were included.

Shah Rukh Khan and Virat Kohli have always spoken respectfully of one another and frequently displayed their admiration for one another in interviews. But, the current social media altercation between their supporters has us questioning whether it is really necessary. Nevertheless, this time they have mistreated Virat’s supporters, and the situation became much more complicated when both sides involved the families of their respective players.

One fan wrote, “Srk fans need to stop fighting every fanbase out there or it will create hatred for him from millions.”

Another fan wrote, “Virat Kohli is himself inspired by Shah Rukh Khan. Kohli fans should focus on winning Kidney, lungs & heart in IPL, not comparing 2011-born star Virat with legend like SRK.”

Some practical people are calming the war going on the internet. “Let’s settle it down Srk is the biggest actor in india Kohli is the no1 cricketer in india.”

Well, what do you think, is this fan war reasonable? Let us know in the comment section. 

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