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Shabana Azmi Takes On Kangana Ranaut For Her Outrageous Remarks

Shabana Azmi has said that Kangana Ranaut makes outrageous and sensational statements because she is scared of being no longer relevant.

Shabana Azmi feels that Kangana Ranaut fears being irrelevant and that is why she is being so outrageous about her comments and behaviour. She also gave the young actor a word of advice to just do what she is best at ie acting.

Kangana Ranaut has been making headlines by bringing in attention to the alleged drug mafia and Bollywood mafia in the industry. She is also being forefront in her crusade about Sushant Singh Rajput’s Death. Kangana Ranaut is convinced that it is murder.

Kangana had even gone ahead and called Bollywood gutter. Her that statement drew lot of flake from the industry and irked many people including Jaya Bachchan.

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The Statements made by Shabana Azmi

In an interview with a leading paper, Shabana Azmi responded to Kangana’s statement that the film industry must be ‘saved from various terrorists’, including the ‘drug mafia’ and those who exploit talent.

She also said that Kangana makes sensational statements to feature in the headlines. She urged her to focus her energies into acting.

“Kangana has started believing in her own myth. She says she taught feminism to the film industry, she taught it nationalism. I’m glad she spelled that out because nobody else had noticed! I think she fears the day when she will no longer be in the headlines. So has to keep making outrageous statements to stay in the news. Poor girl, why doesn’t she just do what she is best at, which is acting,” said Shabana Azmi

Shabana added that the film industry has its issues but it was unfair to paint the entire industry with the same brush. “There are many socially committed outspoken people too, does the entire industry get bathed in a halo because of them?,” she questioned. 

She also said that the industry is a ‘sitting duck’ and levelling malicious allegations against it is a part of a ‘systematic campaign to divert attention from real issues’.

In the past Kangana Ranaut had butted heads with Shabana Azmi and her husband Javed Akhtar by calling the anti-national.

Kangana’s sister and manager Rangoli Chandel earlier claimed that Javed called Kangana home. She claimed that he ‘intimidated’ and ‘threatened’ her to apologise to Hrithik Roshan.

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