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Secrets of Anil Kapoors reverse ageing revealed

Everyone nowadays is surprised about Anil Kapoor’s fitness and reverse aging, we are here to reveals some secrets behind it.

The only controversy that has kept Anil Kapoor is news is his reverse aging and fitness even at the age of 62. Anil Kapoor has always surprised everyone with his younger looks in various movies and everyone around is jealous of his younger looks and wants to know the secrets behind this reverse aging and fitness.

When Anil Kapoor was asked about the secrets behind his evergreen looks and amazing fitness, he said that he prefers to enjoy the positivity in life and stay away from mental stress and negativity around. He even candidly replied that his love for south Indian food and the amount of this cuisine that he has had in his life can also be one of the reasons behind the same. Health experts also tell us that South Indian meal is the ideal choice for a healthy and delicious meal. 

Anil also revealed his diet plan which helps him stay fit and young, he shared that being a part of a Punjabi family his diet usually included homemade food including, vegetables, daal, and chicken in his childhood. He prefers having 5-6 meals a day with a variety of nutrients. His breakfast includes sandwiches with cabbage, lettuce, eggs, cereals, fruit juices, etc. Broccoli or celery is the essential part of his lunch and his dinner comprises Salads with a variety of sauces and dressings.

Following this diet tips might help us all in being young and fit. 

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