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Scam 1992 Beats Chernobyl Thereby Becoming IMDB’s Best Digital Series 

Hansal Mehta's superb hit digital web series Scam 1992 beats Chernobyl thereby becoming IMDB's best Indian digital series of 2020

This is a very proud moment for our booming Indian digital OTT web space right now as Scam 1992 beats Chernobyl thereby becoming IMDB’s best digital series.

After getting to know this news, not just the fans but also the youth, the film fanatics and cinema lovers might be feeling very ecstatic with happiness since for the first time ever, Scam 1992 beats Chernobyl thereby becoming IMDB’s best digital series.

This is the most amazing and happening news update of the day that Hansal Mehta’s Scam 1992 beats Chernobyl thereby becoming IMDB’s best digital series of the year 2020 that too from our country India.

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Honestly now we all know that audiences along with the fans can’t keep their calm and cool after knowing about the same and yes, certainly the show has also grabbed the most coveted and important number one spot on the IMDB’s “Top Rated TV Shows” list.

Everyone including the audiences and critics have critically acclaimed this series by raving and lauding about the same along with appreciating the digital series a lot. In fact, very rarely does this ever happen nowadays but for a change the audiences have given the digital series a 10 on 10 rating for about almost 16k times making the average final ratings score of the show as 9.6 out of 10 on IMDB.

Indians are saying that finally, after a long time now, brilliantly conceptualized and well-made series has been made from our country India and this is well deserved.

Let’s have a look at some of the tweets of Indian Netizens praising Scam 1992 –

Source: Gujrati Walter Twitter. He has praised Scam 1992 in this tweet
Source: Kashmiri Hindu Twitter. He has also raved about Scam 1992 in his tweet.
Source: Hemant Kher Twitter. He also called Scam 1992 best Indian series in his tweet
Source: Dumb Scripter Twitter. He has lauded the series in his tweet.
Source: Babbar 5her_ Twitter. He has also immensely praised this series in his twitter tweet.

Scam 1992 is basically a story about Dalal Street’s first ever entrepreneur Harshad Mehta, who is a newbie and promising businessman.

Set in the year 1992 in Mumbai it more so specifically revolves around the highs and lows faced by him in his career as a business man and also emphasizing on the fact that how he is the one who originally introduces the Indian people to the word scam and its meaning as well.

Scam 1992 is available for live streaming on Sony Liv OTT platform streaming service and has been directed by ace director Hansal Mehta, who is known for giving us masterpiece Bollywood films like Shahid (2013), City Lights (2013), Chhalaang (2020) and so on.

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