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Sara Ali Khan Pushed By Paparazzi, She Leaves In Anger

Sara Ali Khan refused to pose for pictures after she was pushed by a paparazzo.

Sara Ali Khan is popular amongst media and fans for her humility. She always greets everyone with a smile and even projects her best behaviour with the paparazzi. Sara always makes sure that she poses for the shutterbugs and interacts with them with folded hands. However, a recent incident made the actress upset.

On Wednesday night, as the actress was leaving a Mumbai set, a bunch of paparazzi approached their beloved star for some photographs. As always, she was seen flashing a big smile as the cameramen surrounded her. A paparazzo accidentally pushed Sara in an attempt to get better pictures of her. This upset her. Her mood changed for obvious reasons and she decided not to pose for pictures. She sat in her car with an angry face.

When the cameramen asked her to pose, she said, “Fir aap log dhakha maarte ho aise” (You guys then push this way). 

Fans are praising the actress for how she handled the situation. A fan wrote, “How she reacted so politely despite being pushed by that paparazzi.”

Another said, “She’s a real sweetheart.”

Recently, Sara Alia Khan’s half-brother Taimur Ali Khan was also seen upset with the paparazzi. Saif and Taimur were spotted in town and the paparazzi kept calling them to pose. Taimur turned back, raised his hand in annoyance and walked away.

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