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Sanjay Raut Takes A Jibe At Kangana Ranaut’s Silence Over Hathras Case

A while back, Kangana Ranaut and politician Sanjay Raut got involved in a heated verbal spat. Both of them lashed out each other, making them the talk of the town. Well, it seems like their war of words isn’t ending soon. As per the latest update, Sanjay Raut took a jibe at Kangana’s silence over the Hathras rape case.

While calling out the Queen actress, Raut also allegedly asked her if the culprits were her brothers. Citing the reason why she hasn’t spoken up about the same yet.

For the past couple of days, the nation has been mourning the loss of a 19-year old girl. She lost her life after being gang-raped by four men.

This shameful incident happened in the Hathras district of Uttar Pradesh. The girl was allegedly strangled, also a part of her tongue was also cut. Apparently, she took her last breathe because of the hideous injuries.

Many of the Bollywood celebs have raised their voice asking for justice. However, a while back reacting to the Hathras case, Kangana said that she has immense faith in UP CM Yogi Adityanath.

Taking a subtle dig, Raut said, “Such incidents of kidnapping Hindu girls and then raping and murdering them take place in Pakistan… but nobody has compared Hathras to Pakistan as yet.”

For the unknown, last month Kangana Ranaut allegedly made a statement saying that she feels Mumbai is like Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK). Her statement didn’t go well with many of the people, and the actress faced a lot of backlashes.

Apart from all this, the BMC even demolished Kangana Ranaut’s office for unauthorized construction. This incident made the matters worse on some level.

Meanwhile, Sanjay Raut has taken a jibe at Kangana’s silence but she’s yet to react.

We hope that Kangana Ranaut’s reaction won’t escalate things.

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