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Sanjay Dutt Gets Candid About Shooting For KGF 2 While Fighting Cancer

During the press conference of KGF 2, actor Sanjay Dutt talked about fighting cancer while shooting for the Kannada film.

In 2020, Sanjay Dutt was diagnosed with lung cancer and underwent extensive treatment in Mumbai. Around the same time, he was shooting for his Kannada film ‘KGF 2’.

Now, when the release of KGF 2 is just a few days away, the cast and crew are busy promoting the film. A press conference was recently held in Bangaluru where the actors talked about the film and their characters.

Sanjay Dutt, who is seen playing a villain in the film was asked about his fight with cancer while shooting for KGF 2. Sanjay Dutt replied, “I am a very stubborn man. How does it matter if I have cancer? For me, it is like catching cold. I manifested that I don’t have cancer, and see, I don’t have it now. At that time, Prashanth and Yash had told me that we’ll shoot the climax on the green screen. I said, if we are gonna shoot on green screen, then I will not do it. I told that I need tyres, smoke, fire and everything that Prashanth loves to do in his movies. I can just thank Prashanth and Yash that they made it possible for me to make me feel good. And everyone prayed for me.”

KGF 2 is scheduled for a theatrical release on 14 April 2022 in Kannada along with the dubbed versions of Telugu, Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam languages.

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