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Sandip Singh Breaks Silence, Shares WhatsApp Chats

Sushant Singh Rajput's friend Sandip Singh has broken his silence after a long time and comes out with proofs of Whatsapp chats.

Sushant Singh Rajput’s alleged friend Sandip Singh has broken his silence after several accusations. He has been a victim of media and public trial. Certain media reports targeted Sandip and claimed that he was in contact with the ambulance driver even after the funeral of Sushant.

Sandip has now broken his silence on the media trial against him. He shared his WhatsApp chats with Sushant’s sister Mitu Singh and also with the late actor’s brother-in-law.

Sandip Singh Breaks Silence:

The chats suggest that Sandip was in touch with the ambulance driver to clear his payments on Mitu’s request. In the caption, Sandip wrote, Everyone is saying that your family does not know me. Yes, its correct, I never met your family. Is it my fault to help a grieving sister alone in this city to complete the final rites of a brother?”

He also wrote, “On 14th June when I heard about you I was unable to stop myself and I rushed to your house in grief but was shocked to see no one present except Mittu Didi. I am still thinking whether I was wrong to stand by your sister in that critical time or I should have waited for your other friends to come.”

Sandip was seen taking charge of the situation on the day of Sushant’s death. From calling an ambulance to arranging for his funeral, he did most of the work.

The chats also shows that Sushant’s sister had asked him to collect the death certificate. Sandip also showed concern about his image being tarnished in media and public. Sandip wrote to Mitu, “What have I done to deserve this.”

To this, Mitu replied, “Please take care of yourself.”

He then also shared a letter from Mauritius Police to clarify another allegation made on him. The letter shows that Sandip has never been involved in a Police case in Mauritius. Sandip wrote, “Just want to end the speculation on the planted Mauritius story to degrade my image of a self-made person out of jealousy and put me down. Sharing the letter from the Mauritius Police. There was no such case ever filed.”

Well, let us now see what the media has to say about it now!

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