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Salman Khan or Shah Rukh Khan: Who Is The Most Popular Internationally?

It is Shah Rukh or is it Salman, Who do you think is more of an international star.

Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan, two of the biggest names on the Bollywood industry. Both of them have earned great recognition on an international level and are among the highest-earning stars of the Bollywood industry. Many people crazy mad for both the stars and would die to have a small meet with them. 

The die-hard fans of both of them have been making comparisons between the success achieved by Shah Rukh and Salman. We are also among the millions of their fans and we will also make a comparison based on their international popularity.

After many years of a cold war between them, both Shah Rukh and Salman sorted out their differences and become great friends a few years ago. Both the star have been batting with a great average in the Bollywood industry.

Taking about international fame. It is but obvious that SRK fans think of him as a bigger star and Salman Khan fans think of him as the same. Many of their movies have had a shoot at international locations and also international movie releases. This has earned a huge fan base for both the stars on the international platform.

We leave it to the fans to decide who is more popular then whom internationally.

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