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“Mom Was Very Hurt When My Father Married Again” Salman Khan

In an interview, Salman shared how his father’s second marriage impacted their family, his mom Salma, specifically

Salman Khan might not be all the things that the world wants him to be, but he’s definitely a doting son and an amazing brother to his siblings when it comes to his family. The star doesn’t compromise spending quality time with his family, right from playing with his baby niece and nephew to

showering unconditional love on adopted sister Arpita, one can vouch for Salman for being the perfect ‘Family guy.

In an old interview that is now resurfacing on the internet, the Dabangg star can be seen spilling some personal information about his family. Salman talks about his father, renowned scriptwriter Salim Khan and his second marriage with veteran actress Helen and everything that one might not know about it. It was back in 1981, that Salim who was already married to Salma and was father to 4 kids, married Helen, a relationship that was initially not accepted by his former wife.

Sharing how it made his hurt Salman’s mother he said,

“My mom’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I can’t say why, I don’t think explanations are needed. We get along very well because basically, I’m a mama’s boy. I can’t bear to see her unhappy. She was very hurt when my father married again, I’d hate it when she’d wait up for him to come home,”

“Then, gradually, mom started accepting it. Dad explained to us that he still loved mom and that he’ll always be around. I was about 10 at that time and it took us quite some time to really accept Helen aunty” he added further.

“I won’t be able to say when exactly I fell in love with her or decided to marry her. After seeing her for quite a long time we decided to honor our relationship. We got married in 1980,” said Script Writer Salim Khan, of the duo Salim-Javed about his newfound relationship with Helen. Both Helen and Salim Khan knew that this would impact the latter’s dynamic with his family.

Helen too had her own part of guilt involved when she married Salim. In an interview, she has revealed “The fact that Salim was a married man did disturb me and I did feel guilty in the beginning. Something about Salim set him apart from the rest of the industry men. I respected him tremendously as he tried to help me out without trying to exploit me” she said.

While there was no animosity as such about his second marriage, Salim clarified how things took time for everything to settle, at their own pace.

“As kids, they had their hostility. But they reacted the way their mother did. As I told you very honestly, it wasn’t as if Salma accepted the relationship happily straightaway and thanked me for it or said, you deserve an Oscar for it. So at that time, there was hostility from the children” he had addressed at one of the press conferences.

But all that seems to be a matter of yesteryear.

“Today she’s a part of our family. Our whole family is like a closed fist, each one of us knows that if any one of us needs the other at any stage, we’ll be there” Salman concludes.

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