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Sajda Tera Fame Composer Nitesh Tiwari Has Planned 24 Albums

Composer Nitesh Tiwari rose to fame in 2014 with the album Sajda Tera sung by Javed Ali.

Music composer Nitesh Tiwari, who rose to fame with the album ‘Sajda Tera’ (2014) has told us in an exclusive interview that he aims to release 24 albums, with a target of one album every three months. He revealed that the genre of each album will be different. From rap to ghazal to romantic numbers, Nitesh is all set to mesmerize us with a variety.

Nitesh Tiwari’s first album was Sach Tujhse (2013), followed by Sajda Tera (2014) and Baarishen (2015). He then also composed for the Marathi film Ek Hota Valya in 2016 and Bollywood film Ek Asha in 2018. His latest work includes Bepannaah (2019), Tanha (2020), Tere Bin (2021) and Sufi Rock Season 1 in 2021.

2014 was the turning point of Nitesh Tiwari’s career when the album Sajda Tera sung by Javed Ali received a good response from the audience. He then started financing his albums as well. He promoted his NRT band and his band’s fame started increasing with time.

Speaking more about his plan to release 24 albums in the coming time, Nitesh said, “Every person associated with the world of music wants to tell something different to the listeners and I am also trying to do the same.”

Nitesh Tiwari is probably the only musician who has not made anyone his guru till now. At the age of only four, he began understanding the art of music and he worked on developing his skills. Although his parents asked him to learn from a professional teacher but he had such passion for music that he learned the art himself. Nitesh says that music does not come from teaching. “It is within you. Guru can only show the way, give instructions. Learning Saregama or getting a degree in music doesn’t make you a master. You have to connect with the spirit of music,” he added.

Nitesh questions the working style of some of today’s musicians and says that under the pressure of producers, musicians are no longer able to compose good music because everything has become commercial. He added, “Such people have made music a bubble of water. The music which is not connected with the soul cannot touch the heart of the listeners. The lifespan of such music is very short. The music of most of the films starts losing its effect after ten-fifteen days, but spiritual music is immortal.”

The special thing about Nitesh Tiwari is that he has not limited himself only to musicians, but is also singing and directing. There are also plans for a second film after directing the film Machan. Nitesh feels that he is often betrayed by the people he works with. He said, “I had added many people to my music band in 2016 on the basis of faith, they did work for me, but they kept promoting themselves by going out. Therefore, before starting anything, along with the heart, the mind should also be used. Nitesh further says that I re-established my band, which you will soon see the whole band under the music video of Sufi Rock Season One. People should also have a good heart for good music.”

Nitesh’s upcoming song Dil Farebi is a sufiana romantic song sung by Javed Ali. It is picturized in Kashmir. Nitesh Tiwari says, “It was the first time that I visited Kashmir and I must say it’s an amazing place. Now I know why the place is called as the paradise on earth. It’s truly ethereal. We shot in Srinagar and Pahalgam. It was very cold and I loved shooting in snow… Working with Rohan Mehra, Ariah ,Urvi Singh & Saddu07dz was also a great experience. I can’t wait for you’ll to watch the music video.”

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