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Saira Banu Down With Depression In Hospital Refuses Angiography

Recent health update in lieu of veteran bollywood legendary actress Saira Banu here is that Saira Banu down with depression and acute coronary syndrome in hospital refuses angiography.

We all know that the veteran bollywood icon and one of finest actresses of our Indian cinema, Saira Banu hasn’t been well and was admitted to Mumbai’s Hinduja hospital after complaining about chest congestion when her blood pressure dropped a few days back on 24th August. According to recent update in same, Saira Banu down with depression in hospital refuses angiography.

Its really devastating but true wherein the legendary and one of most versatile star of our indian cinema, Saira Banu down with depression in hospital refuses angiography.

According to the recent news reports, as of now her condition is stable and is in the ICU but this is verified news scoop of today that Saira Banu down with depression in hospital refuses angiography.

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Its true that late bollywood thespian Dilip Kumar’s wife has reportedly been diagnosed with depression and coronary syndrome. Thus, the doctors at Hinduja Hospital have advised an angiography but according to recent news reports in a leading indian wire news agency, Saira Banu has not given permission for angiography and also refused having the surgery done as the doctors had suggested this procedure in order to understand and minutely study the main reason behind her heart condition.

A doctor from the Hinduja hospital in Mumbai talking about the same had been quoted revealing, “Yesterday, her cardiac tests happened, and she has been diagnosed with acute coronary syndrome.’Once she gives her consent, doctors can perform an angiography”.

The doctor attending to Saira Banu also revealed that she is battling depression after the death of her husband Dilip Kumar and shedding more light on same, he added, “She doesn’t sleep much. She wants to go home”.

The report clearly also mentioned about how the legendary bollywood diva Saira Banu may be discharged from the ICU and moved to a room soon. Yesterday, it was reported that the family members of the actress are yet to take a decision on angiography and speaking of which, a leading indian newspaper publication quoted a source close to her family saying, “We are not in a hurry to go in for the angiography. We will decide in 4 or 5 days”.

In a recent interview, Faisal Farooqui, Saira Banu and late Dilip Kumar’s family friend said, had said that the Saira is quite broken since the departure of her husband and spilling more about this, he said, “She is a woman who has lived every moment in the last 55 years with him. You and I can only feel this pain. But there has been a vacuum in her life. It may be that his sorrow and the stress is bothering her”.

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