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Saif Had Faiz In Mind Before Kareena Named Him Taimur

This is indeed an unheard fact but is true that originally though, after the birth of Taimur, where Saif had Faiz in mind, Kareena ended up naming their son Taimur.

This is unheard fact that’s making its way to people now, that during time the power couple of Bollywood, Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan’s first baby Taimur was born, Saif had Faiz in mind before Kareena named him Taimur.

Now while their second baby boy also got born yesterday early in morning, entire nation is really happy for this couple and their baby and their social media is getting flooded with warm wishes from friends, fans and family as well. This is an amazing piece of news here coming straight from the time of their paparazzi favorite child sensation Taimur’s arrival almost 5 years back whereby soon after he was born and it came to keeping a name for him, Saif had Faiz in mind before Kareena named him Taimur.

But, its an interesting fact that when their first munchkin Taimur came in this world and when it came to naming him, Saif had Faiz in mind before Kareena named him Taimur.

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Where the entire Pataudi family is excited on the arrival of their chote nawab, Post the arrival of their newborn son, social media is getting inundated congratulatory messages for the couple wherein Alia Bhatt, Neetu Kapoor, Natasha Poonawalla, Amrita Arora and many others took to their social media handles and sent their warmest wishes to both Kareena and Saif.

Now, their fans are totally thrilled and excited to see what would Kareena and Saif name their newborn baby this time around. Back in 2016, 5 years back Kareena and Saif’s son’s name Taimur had raised loads of controversies thereby also igniting a debate where many openly criticized the couple, claiming that the name has been inspired by the Turkish invader Timur.

But, even then after keeping aside all these things, Kareena went ahead to name their son Taimur. But no one really knew about the fact that originally back then, Saif Ali Khan had another name in mind for their son.

In an interview dating back to 2018, ace and stunning Bollywood star Kareena Kapoor opened up on the controversy surrounding their son Taimur’s name. Whilst in her appearance as a celebrity guest at the nationally renowned Indian TV news channel conclave, she spoke about how the night before going to the hospital Saif had asked her about being sure to name their son Taimur and also confessed about how they could also name their son as Faiz which sounded more romantic and poetic. But, Kareena being strong and firm in her decision said that if it is a boy, she wants her son to be a fighter and since Taimur means ‘iron’, this was exactly what Kareena wanted to name their son.

Speaking about this point she told, “There was a lot of trolling, but there was also an immense amount of support. Not that the trolls mattered, because the night before I was going to the hospital, Saif asked me, ‘If it’s a boy, are you sure you want to do this? Let’s change the name and call him Faiz. It’s more poetic and romantic.’ And I was like, no. If it’s a boy, I want my son to be a fighter. Taimur means ‘iron’ and I will produce Iron Man. I am proud to name him Taimur”.

Also, meanwhile in an earlier interview before her delivery, Kareena spoke about their second baby to Neha Dhupia on her podcast show What Women Want, that she and Saif haven’t decided their baby’s name beforehand.  Kareena said, “After the whole controversy of Taimur, both Saif and me have not even thought about it. We’re like going to leave it last minute and then spring a surprise”.

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