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Saif Clarifies Ravan Statement, Netizens Trend #अरेस्ट_सैफ_अली_खान

Best known for films like Salaam Namaste (2006), Kal Ho Naa ho (2003) and Omkara (2005), Bollywood star Saif Ali Khan apologizes and clarifies for his humane Ravan statement, netizens trend #अरेस्ट_सैफ_अली_खान.

Bollywood star Saif Ali Khan who is one of the most distinguished B town actors today, few days back made a controversial statement wherein he told and specified that in his upcoming next Prabhas starrer mega budget historical period drama film Adipurush which also stars Kriti Sanon in the role of Sita had said that they will try showing humane side of Ravan in the film where even the abduction will seem logical and after this statement, there was a roar and fury on Twitter where netizens slammed and trolled him for the same and now finally, Saif clarifies Ravan statement, Netizens Trend #अरेस्ट_सैफ_अली_खान.

After his controversial statement about Ravan went viral on social media platforms especially twitter, it didn’t settle down too well with our desi indian netizens who thought that how can a Bollywood star say such a thing about Ravan being humane and abduction of Sita being justified and then fans and netizens started trolling Saif incessantly on social media where the actor had to face the ire and wrath for his controversial statement. Now relieving news in the same is that, Saif clarifies Ravan statement, Netizens Trend #अरेस्ट_सैफ_अली_खान.

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During his recent interview, Saif apologized for whatever he said and also clarified that Lord Ram has always been a symbol of righteousness and heroism for him.

It all actually started with his recent interview, wherein he said, that in his upcoming film Adipurush, humane side of Ravan will be seen which didn’t really settled well with the BJP leader Ram Kadam who tweeted on Sunday, “Actor #SaifAliKhan makes an extremely shocking statement regarding his forthcoming film Adipurush. Saif who plays Ravan’s character says Ravan’s abduction of Sita Maa will be justified in the film. Ravan’s humane side will be shown and his war against Lord Ram will be justified”.

Source: Ram Kadam Twitter. He has bashed Saif in his tweet for his controversial statement.

Furthermore BJP Leader Ram Kadam also wrote another tweet which read, “Director @OmRaut director, you made #Tanhaji which was well received worldwide bcz it does justice to Hindu pride and Marathi asmita. But if #Adhipurush plans to show Ravan in positive light and justify the inhuman act of abduction of Sita Maa”.

Source: Ram Kadam Twitter. He has also taken a jibe at director Om Raut in this tweet.

Lastly, the BJP leader then in his last tweet also wrote, “We will never allow that to happen. Hope better sense prevails #JaiShriRam”.

Source: Ram Kadam Twitter. He has firmly said that this won’t happen as you can’t change history.

Giving the needed clarification and explanation of his statement related to “Adipurush” character of Ravan, Saif on Sunday told, “I’ve been made aware that one of my statements during an interview, has caused a controversy and hurt people’s sentiments. This was never my intention or meant that way. I would like to sincerely apologize to everybody and withdraw my statement”.

Furthermore, Saif also added, “Lord Ram has always been the symbol of righteousness and heroism for me. Adipurush is about celebrating the success of good over evil and the entire team is working together to present the epic without any distortions”.

Many netizens as of now currently are slamming his previous statement on social media especially Twitter with the trending hashtag, #अरेस्ट_सैफ_अली_खान.

Let’s see some of the most interesting tweets with this hashtag of #अरेस्ट_सैफ_अली_खान which is trending on twitter –

One social media user wrote, “Why is Hinduism always questioned in Bollywood? There are so many religions in this country, why doesn’t anyone ever question it ?? #अरेस्ट_सैफ_अली_खान”.

Source: Dilip Singh twitter. he has mocked Bollywood films and their questioning of Hinduism in their movies.

Where another social media user commenting on the actor’s controversial statement tweeted, “What rubbish?? Why are God,Temple & People of #hindu_religion targeted in Bollywood films? It’s perfect time to boycott Bollywood.. #अरेस्ट_सैफ_अली_खान”.

Source: Sachin Upadhyay twitter. He has taken a sly dig at Saif’s statement in this tweet.

A devout indian citizen taking a dig on Bollywood’s connection with Love Jihad tweeted, “People with such a Jihadist mentality who do not belong to our Sanatani culture, they Appeal to the Government, these people make our Ramayana a movie these people defame our Religion. @narendramodi @AmitShah @HMOIndia @PMOIndia #अरेस्ट_सैफ_अली_खान”.

Source: Brand Vrai twitter. He has brutally criticized Bollywood’s connection with Love Jihad.
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