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Saif Ali Khan On Bollywood’s REACTION To Sushant Singh Rajput’s Death

Saif Ali Khan has candidly spoken about the sudden outpouring of love for Sushant Singh Rajput, after his untimely death. He said that it is the ultimate hypocrisy. Read below to know more.

The untimely death of Sushant Singh Rajput sent shockwaves across the nation, especially into the Bollywood fraternity. The B-Town celebs took to their social media handles to pay tribute to the 34-year-old actor who committed suicide at his residence in Mumbai. Meanwhile, the sudden outpour of love for Sushant post his tragic death, has divided over the facts as to is it genuine or not.

However, Saif Ali Khan feels that Believes people are trying to gain some mileage from Sushant’s tragic incident, whether it’s through showing compassion, interest or even taking a political stance. In a recent interview with a news daily, Saif candidly spoke about how a  day of silence or introspection out of respect for Sushant is more becoming than the outpouring of love from people who obviously didn’t care about him.

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The Kaalakaandi actor said, “We don’t care about anybody. You know, it’s a very cutthroat line of work. But to pretend that you do care is like the ultimate hypocrisy and I think that’s an insult to the dead, you know, it’s an insult to the soul that’s gone.”

The 49-year old further added, “I think the least we can do is just have some introspection, you know, maybe some silence – not try and come across as, you know, the most politically astute or the kindest or the wisest or something or the other?”

He then continued, “Some angles have spun off in all directions, you know? And I think that’s just really, really sad.”

Saif added that it is manipulating the situation to take any stance at the moment which is anything other than sorrow. Such people look at this period of mourning as a chance to take a shot at others.

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Khan assumes that Sushant losing his life to such a tragic event is because of his films. He then added that ‘film people can’t think beyond films’.

There is so much more to life but again, and maybe Sushant was upset about other things in his life, a personal reason that had nothing to do with films.

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