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Rupankar Bagchi Issues An Apology To KK’s Family

Bengali artist Rupankar Bagchi issued an apology to KK's family after netizens trolled him for commenting against KK.

Bengali artist Rupankar Bagchi who gave a harsh statement against the legendary late singer KK has now offered an apology to the singer’s family. He is getting death threats from many and talking about it he said, “I am getting physical threats and even threats to my life in the social media over the phone and outside.”

Apologizing to the late singer’s family he said, “My unconditional apology for KK’s family, the people of Mumbai and scores of his fans, people who loved him in Kolkata and all over the country. I regret the momentary indiscretion as I was making Facebook live led to the present situation. I have since deleted the Facebook post but the attacks continue”.

Rupankar further added, “Who knew a momentary indiscretion where I could not communicate my thoughts in a proper way and caused anguish to people would lead to such outpouring of anger and hatred against me and my family.” 

“There was nothing personal against KK, whom I didn’t know personally. I had only referred to his concert at Nazrul Manch on Monday and the frenzy among the audience. I took up their cause not from an individual point of view but collectively as we are all facing an existential crisis,” he concluded. 

For the unversed, the trolls on Rupankar came after he used unwanted words for KK. He previously said, “Now I think I shouldn’t have named them without their consent. KK, KK, KK. who is KK? Why so much excitement about Mumbai artists? Learn from Odisha, Punjab, and Southern industry – please become Bengali first.”

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