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Rohit Saraf Hikes It Up With His Performance In Star Host

The charming chocolate boy next door and budding bollywood actor on the block right now, Rohit Saraf hikes it up with his performance in Star Host.

This is indeed an exciting scoop of the day as apart from making his place in hearts of viewers and fans, Rohit Saraf hikes it up with his performance in Star Host.

Its an amazing news for the fans of this young and budding bollywood film actor on the block that Rohit Saraf hikes it up with his performance in Star Host.

Best known for his remarkable performances in bollywood film The Sky Is Pink (2019) and then later in the hit Netflix series Mismatched which is also coming back with its second season now, Rohit Saraf hikes it up with his performance in Star Host.

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Rohit Saraf has bowled over the audience yet again with a charming performance in the recent release Star Host from Netflix anthology Feels Like Ishq.

It seems like Rohit Saraf can do no wrong. The actor has been appreciated for his roles in back-to-back films, bearing a testament that his hard work is paying off. Yet again, the young actor has garnered flattering reviews not only from critics but also from audiences for his performance in short film segment titled Star Host, within the Netflix anthology Feels Like Ishq.

Leaving young girls drooling in his wake, the innocence and charm of Rohit is very reminiscent of Netflix sensation Noah Centineo (To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before) or Ansel Elgort (The Fault In Our Stars). And what makes Rohit Saraf stand out is the range of roles and films or series that he chooses. Dabbling in a dark comedy like Ludo in the role of a situation-struck struggling Rahul or the effervescent Rishi in Mismatched or even the unconditionally lovable Kiddo in Dear Zindagi.

Audiences and critics are praising his lovable character portrayal of Aditya, a boy who dreams to see the Northern Lights in Norway,whose life changes after meeting a girl, whilst temporarily standing-in as a host of a B-&-B.

Along with Rohit’s spectacular performance, the series has Mahabaleshwar’s stunning scenic beauty that adds to the air of romance to the story. But with the breathtaking locales and mountain tops, come the difficulties in shooting for the actors and the crew.

Talking about one such instance, Rohit said, “The entire crew hiked up the cliff for almost 45 minutes with all the equipment, aiming to shoot the scene before sundown. And to ensure their safety and avoid any mishaps, the team including the DoP had to literally harness themselves to shoot the scene”.

He further added, “I shall always remember this day and remember feeling so fulfilled, so grateful for what I get to do and for the people I get to work with”.

Feels Like Ishq is charting its course on the trending lists of Netflix, and the innocent love story Star Host is a must watch for not only the girls crushing on Rohit but also buffs of romantic films and shows.

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