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Rohit Choudhary’s Befitting Reply To KRK In Latest Video

Rohit Choudhary slammed KRK in the latest video after the latter called him names in his tweets.

Actor and Delhi-based businessman Rohit Choudhary has called out KRK (Kamaal R Khan) once again. Last week, Rohit made headlines when he shared KRK’s call recording as a proof of blackmailing in return for film reviews. Rohit told that he demands Rs 25 lakh from filmmakers and blackmails them that if would post a negative review if his demand is not met.

After Rohit’s disclosure, KRK posted a tweet calling Rohit ‘Suwar’ (pig). The tweet reads, “Now a days, Every Suwar wants publicity with my name. So I can’t react to give publicity to everybody and anybody.”

In another tweet, KRK mentioned, “My company has done Promotion of more than 20 films till now and I have charged a fees for that work. I am running a company, not a charity house. But I didn’t review a single film out of those 20. Film’s promotion work has nothing to do with review. Nobody can buy my Review.”

Rohit Choudhary has now hit back at the actor-turned-critic in the latest video. Watch Rohit’s message to KRK in the above video.

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