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Rohit Choudhary: “You’ll vomit if you watch KRK’s film Deshdrohi”

Rohit Choudhary exclusively talked to Lehren about KRK (Kamaal R Khan), his career and behavior.

Actor and businessman Rohit Choudhary has rolled up his sleeves to ‘teach a lesson’ to Kamaal R Khan (KRK). Actor-turned-critic KRK has been making the headlines after his controversial review of Salman Khan’s film Radhe. Salman had slapped him with a defamation case claiming that he made personal remarks on him, his family and his NGO ‘Being Human’.

And then, Rohit Choudhary exclusively talked to Lehren about KRK. When we asked Rohit about the possible reason behind KRK’s behavior towards the actors, he told, “The reason is simple. He has no image of himself. He did nothing in the industry except a small film called ‘Deshdrohi’. And if you watch it, you wouldn’t be able to eat and vomit out instead. I won’t make personal comments about his face, height, or brain because we are civilized people. But even as an actor, he was so bad in the film. We then saw him in Bigg Boss. He behaved badly and he was ousted from that also. The industry is not giving him work and he has nothing else to do. He is a shallow person. I also have evidence where he can be seen asking for money to review a film.”

Her further said, “He even gave bad reviews to a film that I financed. When the makers requested me to talk to him, he said that he had sent two girls but the makers didn’t cast them in the film. That is why he gave bad reviews and talked badly about people involved in the project. I have a recording of him asking for Rs 25 lakh for putting up a good review.”

Staying true to his words, Rohit shared the call recording of KRK where he can be heard asking for money for a film review. He wrote on Twitter, “Hello Friends, today I am sharing an audio recording as a revelation in front of you. In which I am talking to the biggest blackmailer of the Indian film industry who asks for money for not doing negative publicity of the film. #KRKBlackMailer #KRKKutta.”

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