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Rohit Choudhary Leaks KRK’s Call Recording Of Blackmailing For Film Reviews

Actor and businessman Rohit Choudhary has leaked the call recording of KRK (Kamaal R Khan) blackmailing filmmaker regarding film reviews.

Actor and Businessman Rohit Choudhary has exposed KRK (Kamaal R Khan) by sharing his call recording on social media. Rohit shared the audio clip on his Twitter and wrote, “Hello Friends, today I am sharing an audio recording as a revelation in front of you. In which I am talking to the biggest blackmailer of the Indian film industry who asks for money for not doing negative publicity of the film. #KRKBlackMailer #KRKKutta”

KRK demanded Rs 25 lakh from director/producer Anil Sharma for not doing negative promotion of his film. And when Rohit spoke to him, KRK negotiated and agreed for Rs 20 lakh, thus reducing Rs 5 lakh.

With this audio clip, Rohit Choudhary wants to show to the world how KRK blackmails the filmmakers and if one doesn’t agree to pay him, he gives bad reviews and makes personal remarks on them.

Latest Update: KRK Reacts On His Leaked Call Recording Of ‘Blackmailing’

A month ago, Rohit had given an exclusive interview to Lehren where he exposed KRK in detail. Rohit told how he defamed him and as result, Rohit took a legal action against him. Rohit claims that KRK escaped to Dubai after his legal action.

Watch full interview here:

Rohit Choudhary’s Explosive Interview On KRK Vs Salman Khan Case

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