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Rishi Kapoor’s Recent Cryptic Tweet Leaves Everyone In Speculations

Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor has posted a cryptic tweet regarding the current uncertainty about tomorrow's event. Although he did not mention any specific event or incident, in the wake of the worsening COVID-19 crisis, his tweet left netizens speculating if he refers to the ongoing Tablighi Jamaat line.

Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor is well known for his outspokenness and expressing his opinions without any filter on his Twitter handle. The actor has many times caught himself into controversy because of his unfiltered behavior.

Meanwhile, the actor has tweeted a cryptic tweet and has got everyone speculating about what he has to point out. He wrote, “Aaj ye hua kal kya kya hona hai? That is why I said we need the military out. Emergency.”

A couple of days ago the actor has insisted on his Twitter that India has to enforce emergency at such times. And the recent tweet is proof that he stands by his previous opinion.

The Twitterati’s speculated that the veteran actor might be referring to the large religious gathering at Delhi’s Nizamuddin Markaz which happened earlier this month amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Commenting on Rishi Kapoor a Twitter user wrote, “We need to have lockdown on Muslims.”

Another user tweeted, “Time to come heavily on #TablighiJamaat and impose BAN on it. Confiscate all its wealth and put behind bars all these errant mullahs incommunicado down south UTs. Needed Law against #ReligiousConversion (main foray of JAMAT). Enough of #Article14 excuse.”

Most of the netizens are in support of Rishi Kapoor’s opinion on the emergency, while some are opposing it.

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