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Rii Gets Chatty, Says Won’t Sing Song Remakes To Look Cool

Best known as an independent music artist who is also a newbie Bollywood singer where she got the fame and recognition with her song Phir Mulaqaat from Why Cheat India (2019) which featured ace Bollywood star Emraan Hashmi and debutante B town actress Shreya Dhanwantary in lead roles, Rii gets chatty, says won't sing song remakes to look cool.

Newbie and independent Bollywood singer Rii has sung hit songs like Phir Mulaqaat (Why Cheat India, 2019), Judaa and Aaja. In today’s generation where fans both equally love and hate cult hit songs remake versions like Dus bahaane 2.0 to Dilbar and Aankh maarey, remakes have made its way back to the industry, and while some people love dancing to the jazzed up beats, some of them are still a fan of the old songs. During her recent interview, explaining her views on the same, Rii gets chatty, says won’t sing song remakes to look cool.

Phir Mulaqaat and Judaa singer also popularly known as Rii gets chatty, says won’t sing song remakes to look cool.

Everyone knows that nowadays remakes of songs are the guaranteed and sure shot way to success in Bollywood, but also having a different take on the same, Rii gets chatty, says won’t sing song remakes to look cool.

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Rii accepts whole heartedly that the remakes are made considering the current audience taste, but reveals that she will not do a remake with twisted lyrics just to look cool. She also revealed that if ever she sings a remake, she will try to maintain the beauty of the original song.

Throwing more emphasis on the same, she said, “I have no problems in doing a remake, but I strongly feel that you can never make a song better than the original. If I ever make a remake then I will first see that we are matching with the original on some level and not changing it entirely. Secondly, I will not put any nasty lyrics in it, because of late people have started twisting it to match the taste of the audience. So if that’s being done, then I will not do it because I don’t want to spoil a song or the beauty of it. Those old songs were written by some great writers and lyricists, so I will not twist the lyrics and sing them just to look cool”.

Furthermore, when she was asked that what is her opinion and take on the popular song remakes being made these days, Rii quipped, “When you lack original content, you make a remake. If a song is already famous and is loved by the masses, then I don’t think changing the music or the lyrics here and there can make it better. Original will always be the original, and you can never make a better version of it. But labels have the rights for it and they do it, and there is one section of the audience that happily accepts it too. Some people enjoy it, and to cater to that audience remakes are made. And it also results in good business”.

The singer also asserted that remakes also give a guarantee of a sure-shot success, and said, “Today’s generation is very fast, they don’t have time for anything. And our brain also works like that. If you see today, only 20-30 percent of the people love 90s music, else everyone wants to hear fast-paced songs. So people play with your brains through music.”

In a parting note towards the end of the interview, she also added, “On top of that, I feel that remakes are made because you already have a famous song, it’s a super hit in the market, and then you want a song which you know will be a sure shot success. You are confident that even with a little twist people are going to like it, if not love it, so they make a remake. And it gives them good business. So it’s less about art now and more about business, and making money”.

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