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Rhea Conducted Yoga Classes For Herself And Jail Inmates Whilst In Jail

Bollywood actress Rhea Chakraborty conducted Yoga classes for herself and the jail inmates whilst in jail.

This is indeed a new update and revelation of sorts in the Rhea and NCB Bollywood drugs nexus probe related to the late actor’s death that even after fighting all the odds, she still stayed positive which can be seen with this fact that even in midst of the tough times that she faced, Rhea conducted yoga classes for herself and jail inmates whilst in jail.

This is like a ray of silver lining amongst all the turbulent and turmoil filled times that she has faced since being in the Byculla jail which left a deep impact on her physically, emotionally and mentally left her traumatized as well but she never gave up her hopes and tried staying optimistic and positive which we could see just from the fact that Rhea conducted yoga classes for herself and jail inmates whilst in jail.

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Her lawyer Satish Maneshinde has now opened up about the accused actor and her client Rhea’s struggle in the jail where he told that she has fought these dark clouds like a battle and has come out as a strong survivor along with mentioning the fact that the actress is now totally ready to take her next course of action within this case and also told about how justice and truth has prevailed.

Actress Rhea Chakraborty was given the bail by the Bombay High Court after spending a time period of four weeks in jail on the drug-related charges in late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case. 

Despite of being in the jail, her lawyer Satish in an interview with a renowned TV news channel said that she fought the entire situation like a battle and now is also ready to take her next steps to keep this fight of justice going.

Within the same conversation, Satish mentioned that, “I personally went to jail to see a client after so many years, because she was hounded, and I wanted to see the condition that she was in. I was fortunate to see that she was in good spirits. She looked after herself in jail”.

He also spilled the beans about the fact how being an army girl she adjusted her life with the jail inmates and lived with them like a commoner and also told that how stronger and better she has come out of this entire ordeal as person and now is ready to fight anyone who is accusing her or trying to malign her reputation.

He was quoted telling, “She used to conduct yoga classes for herself and her jail inmates. She adjusted herself in jail, because she could not get home food because of the pandemic, and she lived with the inmates as if she was a commoner. Being an army girl, she fought the conditions like a battle, and she is ready to face any person who is trying to accuse her and harm her interests”.

Rhea was granted bail on the grounds of strict rules and clauses laid down by the Bombay High Court. The actress passport has been confiscated by the court and she has also been asked to present herself at the nearest station for the next 10 days constantly along with being asked to arrange a Rs 1 lakh bond.

On the other hand, Sushant’s father’s lawyer Vikas Singh in a press conference on 7th October, has raised important questions on the viscera study reports submitted by the AIIMS panel and said that “Sushant’s family is not satisfied with the probe.”

He has also written a letter to the CBI recently where he raised concerns about the ongoing probe.

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