Friday, September 25, 2020

    Rhea Chakraborty And Mahesh Bhatt Connection Revealed With Call Records


    The call records of Rhea Chakraborty have been accessed and it has revealed several details about Rhea. The one that grabs the most attention is her calls to Mahesh Bhatt. In the last one year, Mahesh and Rhea talked to each other over phone 16 times out of which 7 were incoming. It is believed that Mahesh Bhatt was allegedly a mentor of Rhea Chakraborty. Apart from this, Rhea had spoken to her father Indrajeet Chakraborty 1,192 times, her brother 1,069 times but she spoke only 145 times with Sushant. Rhea had spoken 791 times to Shruti Modi who was Sushant’s manager, and also called up Sushant’s friends like Siddharth Pithani 100 times and Deepesh Sawant 41 times. Around 287 calls were made between Rhea and Samuel Miranda, who was Sushant’s housekeeping manager.

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