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Remembering Diego Maradona, Babul Says God Will Take Care Of Him

During his recent interview, Singer Babul Supriyo remembered the late international football legend Diego Maradona and said that god will take care of him.

Union Minister and legendary ace bollywood singer Babul Supriyo is best known for his magical voice in films like Mujhe Kucch Kehna Hai (2000), Chori Chori Chupke Chupke (2000), Kasautii Zindagi Kay (Star Plus, 2001 – 2008), Bombay Vikings Zara Nazro Se Kehdo (2006, Remix Album), Sarphira (Laila Majnu, 2018) and so on. During his recent interview, remembering Diego Maradona, Babul says god will take care of him.

Whilst his recent chat interview, when asked about his fondest memories with the late football legend, Remembering Diego Maradona, Babul says god will take care of him.

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When he was quizzed about the famous ‘Hands of God’ Goal and the story behind it, Babul said, “Maradona did not cheat with the Hands of God Goal – it was a refereeing error ! Period ! How many penalties have not been given erroneously, how many penalties were given by mistake, how many batsmen were given out as an umpiring error & how many batsmen walked off when the Umpire said ‘Not Out’ !!! The Prodigal Son of God, who was God to we mere mortals, ruled the world with his left leg & probably got just one help from God – that Goal against England where the Referee erred !! You wish to call that Poetic ‘Justice’ against a Falkland War that many Argentinians believed was ‘Injustice’ committed against them by the English just a little while before the 1986 WC? Don’t wish to say more on that topic but I think in that very game itself, with the 2nd Goal a little while later, Maradona proved why he is widely regarded as the GOAT – Greatest of all time & I say this keeping both Pele & Messi in mind and I’ll tell you why. Pele had Vavá, Didi, Garincha in his National Team & yes, he did win 3 world cups (Taking nothing away from that) but he never played in Europe”.

Furthermore, Babul also told about the story behind how Messi is connected to this and quipped, “Messi had Xavi, Iniesta in his Club team who did wonders & win everything under the sun but then did nothing significant for his National team when he did have a few good players around him – it wasn’t a team that Maradona inherited in 1986 – his great compatriots like Mario Kempes & others who actually were World Champions in 1978 has be then retired… Maradona got a Caniggia or at the most a Burruchaga or Valdano in his National Team & what he did with his Club Team Napoli, a pretty low low profile club in Italy, is folklore & History. He single-handedly made them Champions of Europe too.  He held the teams with his undying passion & love for his country or club that he played for & of course his Godliness with the Football”.

Lastly he also added this bit in loving memory of the football legend and remembering Diego Maradona he asserted, “He erred as a Human but he immortalized his art & that’s what makes him MARADONA. There will never be another one. Football will go on – so will the show & life but both Football & Life wouldn’t have been the same without Maradona – without Maradona being part of our lives when we saw him live making the ball at his feet Alive & Talking. He never Kicked the ball – He Caressed it !!  Stay Happy wherever you are – now you have God who will take care of you”.

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