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Reasons why you should watch Rajkummar Rao Starrer Shimla Mirchi

Hema Malini-Rajkummar Rao and Rakul Preet Singh’s new released movie Shimla Mirchi has already created a buzz in the B-Town.

The Movie Shimla Mirchi trailer has received so much love and here are the reasons why you should go watch the movie.

Return of veteran Actor and Director.

The film is a complete masterpiece in the Drama category. The perfect level of humor and drama in the film gives it a check-in total entertainment column. The Movie also shows the return of veteran director Ramesh Sippy with our favorite veteran actress Hema Malini in a movie. Hema Malini in the film never once fails to shows her timeless grace.

Fresh Plot

Bollywood has given us plenty of films where boy meets girl they fall in love and live happily after a little struggle.  However, this film has a very interesting plot. Rajkummar manages to find a girl for himself after a lot of struggle to admit love for a long time he finally falls in love with Rakul. The couple is all set to take the next step in their relationship but there is a surprise in store for them. What happens is his love letters are accidentally found and read by Rakul’s mother Hema Malini and she falls in love with her daughter’s boyfriend.

Much delayed film.

The film was earlier set to release last year, however, it got delayed 5 times already and the final decision of releasing it on 3rd January 2020 was made. It was in line since 2014 and is finally releasing after five years. Fans of the actors were eagerly waiting for the film to hit the theatres and now that it is out, there shouldn’t be any reason why you should not be watching the film.

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