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Reasons why the Karan Johar’s Good Newwz Trailer got us all excited

Here are some reasons why Karan Johar’s upcoming movie Good Newzz,

Just as we all know Karan Johar is well known for making amazing family drama movies, and yet again he is bringing a new movie named Good Newzz filled with a lot of confusion and comedy. The trailer has got us all excited as the movie us glimpses of confusion, drama, comedy, and emotions. 

Today we will share a few reasons why we all are excited about the movie and what really excited from the trailer.

The cast of the movie, as we all know Akshay Kumar totally enters the character he plays and along with him will be seen some amazing stars like Diljit Dosanjh, Kareena Kapoor making a come back and the emerging young, gorgeous Kaira Advani.

Accompanying the star cast will be the new concept introduced in the plot of the movie. We have seen similar family name confusion movies but this movie is introducing a concept like sperm implantation. The chaos that gets created around the confusion.

The movie is of the comedy-drama genre as we see some amazing dialogue delivery by the actors and the chemistry they share will be great to see in this movie. 

The movie is all set to release on 27th December 2019. With around a month remaining for the release we are getting curious for the movie.

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