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Reasons To Watch Criminal Justice: Behind Closed Doors Before 2020 Ends

Criminal Justice: Behind Closed Doors has started streaming on Hotstar VIP. We have listed some reasons why you should watch the show ASAP.

After the success of Criminal Justice, Hotstar Special has rolled out another chapter of the franchise. Criminal Justice: Behind Closed Doors has started steaming on Hotstar VIP from 24 Dec. If you are planning to skip this show, we suggest you not to. And we have some strong reasons behind it.

1-     Firstly, watch it for your favorite Pankaj Tripathi. He plays the role of lawyer Madhav Mishra. And we all know that Pankaj Tripathi never disappoints us.

2-     The show brings out an eye-opening narrative that will keep the audience engrossed till the very end. This powerful courtroom drama will raise questions on less-spoken societal issues. The show has been made after consulting a team of lawyers accompanied by in-depth research so that the audience takes away right information from the show.

3-     We are all fans of American prison dramas like ‘Orange Is The New Black’ and ‘Prison Break’.  And this time, we have one made in India show. It depicts the life and ordeal of women in prison.

4-     And lastly, it focuses and centres around women with different personalities and different ways of dealing with their life and problems. All in all, the show features the life of strong and bold women. 

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