Raveena Tandon Attacked By Mob, Accused Of ‘Assault’: ‘Please Don’t Hit Me’

A mob attacked actor Raveena Tandon following accusations of her driver's reckless driving. Videos of the incident have surfaced online.

In a road rage incident on the night of June 1, Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon was attacked after a group of women accused her and her driver of assaulting three women, including an elderly lady. Reports indicate that the incident occurred on Carter Road in Bandra.

The actress’s driver has been accused of reckless driving after allegedly hitting three people near Rizvi College on Mumbai’s Carter Road while reversing the vehicle. In a video clip, Raveena Tandon is seen being attacked by a group of women who claimed that she and her driver assaulted three women, including an elderly lady.

In the video, one of the alleged victims can be heard telling Raveena, “You will have to spend the night in jail. My nose is bleeding.” As the situation intensified, Raveena Tandon exited her vehicle to address the crowd. However, she was reportedly pushed and hit. Raveena could be heard pleading, “Don’t push. Please don’t hit me.” Upon noticing the camera, she requested the person filming to stop.

One of the alleged victims additionally claimed that Raveena emerged from the car in an inebriated state to protect her driver and struck his mother, resulting in serious head injuries. However, reports also suggest that the car did not make physical contact with anyone, and the actor has sought legal representation to address the accusations.

The video of the incident has gone viral on social media. The actress has not yet issued a statement regarding the event.

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