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Rashmi Agdekar On ‘The Interns 2’, Off-Screen Bond With Ahsaas Channa & Revathi Pillai

Lehren's exclusive with actor Rashmi Agdekar as she talks about 'The Interns Season 2', her co-stars Ahsaas Channa & Revathi Pillai and her journey in the entertainment world so far!

Actor Rashmi Agdekar started her acting career with the web series ‘Dev DD’ in 2017. She played the lead role in ‘I’m Mature’ for the MX player and also played in small roles in Ayushmann Khurrana starrer ‘Andhadhun’ and Swara Bhaskar’s ‘Rasbhari’. Currently, she is playing one of the leads in a light-hearted series titled ‘The Interns’ alongside Ahsaas Channa and Revathi Pillai.

We recently had a long conversation with Rashmi about her show, her equation with Ahsaas and Revathi and her acting career as a whole. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

How was it like to shoot ‘The Interns’ amid the Covid-19 pandemic?

We shot The Interns season 1 soon after the lockdown was lifted after the first wave of Covid-19. It was so weird at that time. And after the second wave, we shot the second season of the show. Everybody on the set is my friend. Be it the writers, directors or my co-stars, I have worked with them before, I have known them outside of work, so, we all work together in a very chill and happy mode. But, we couldn’t hug each other. We had to maintain social distancing and shoot the whole series. The restrictions were so much that we felt like strangers. But we are lucky, that we pulled off both seasons successfully.

You share a sweet and sour relationship with your fellow interns in the show. What’s your equation with them (Ahsaas Channa and Revathi Pillai) in real life? Did you guys ever fight off-screen too?

No, we didn’t have any major fight yet. Ahsaas and Revathi are good friends of mine. If any one of us is feeling low for whatsoever reason, the other two help each other to pep up. During this season, I was so exhausted with constant shooting and I had some minor health issues as well. So, these girls made sure that I am in a happy mood. Not many people do that.

And there’s this image that actresses don’t get along. This is not the case with us at least. We help each other and have fun together. We cook food for each other and we take our lunch breaks together.

And we are not even of the same age. I am the eldest and Revathi is the youngest. And I first met them outside of work, in different circumstances. And yet, when we come together on this set, we go along so well. Touchwood, it is a blessing to have such good co-actors and friends. So, that sweet and sour relationship is just on-screen.

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Ahsaas Channa and Revathi Pillai recently starred together in Kota Factory Season 2 as well. Have you watched the show yet?

Yes, of course, I have. I am so proud and happy to see them. I am not saying because it is a Netflix show, but it is genuinely a well-made show.

Do you think that ‘The Interns’ have some similarities with the American series ‘The Bold Type’?

I have heard about that show, but I haven’t watched it. People have been drawing parallels between the two shows. But I don’t know that to how much extent they are similar.

Why do you think ‘The Interns’ is a must-watch?

In today’s time, there are a lot of women-centric content being made. But while aiming for portraying feminism, they head in a totally different direction. That is just wrong. The meaning of feminism and its implementation is very different from what is being portrayed. And our show makes an attempt to show that. That’s what I feel. There are no unnecessary scenes of smoking, drinking or abusing, just for the sake of it, or for trying to prove a point.

Also, it’s a sensibly written story, which is women-centric, but it doesn’t throw feminism in your face. I feel that it is a truly feminist show.

And, it has me, Ahsaas and Revathi. What else do you want? (laughs)

You recently completed 5 years in the industry. Congratulations!

Thank you. 5 years, is it? I have lost track. I started auditioning long ago. But yes, if you talk about me getting consistent work after my debut, then yes, it’s been 5 years and I don’t know how fast the time flew. And there’s so much more to do.

Do you remember how many auditions you have given so far?

I have given a lot of auditions and now I have lost count.

Did you ever do an internship?

Interestingly, I haven’t, and neither have my co-stars. Neither I nor Ahsaas or Revathi have done any kind of internship beacuse we started our careers at a young age. And we never even shared a flat with someone because all three of us hail from Mumbai.

Did you always want to be an actor?

Yes. Also, I loved dancing. Since school, I was into learning different dance forms like Bollywood and Kathak. We are always told to study hard, get an engineering degree, then find a good job. But one fine day, I realised that I didn’t want to do that. I love art but people think of it as a hobby and don’t want to spend money learning any form of art, be it painting, dancing, music or acting.

After school, I frankly told my parents that I want to be an actor and thankfully, they supported my decision.

Do you think that acting in films like Andhadhun and Rasbhari boosted your career?

I got Andhadhun when I was very new to the industry. I had no work to showcase. Yet, the makers saw my audition, called me and then offered me that role. They told me very humbly that it was going to be a very small role. Their welcoming nature meant the world to me. I didn’t want anything more at that time.

I played the small role of Dani and I don’t even know if that character has any relevance, but I got a lot of love from people. Also, it led me to many good auditions, just because my name was associated with that film. I feel that I am lucky to have got that role. There’s a lot of competition nowadays, but somehow I got it.

Are there any talks of ‘The Interns Season 3’?

Let us release all the episodes of Season 2. Once we upload all the episodes, and they get viral, then we’ll take a call on making season 3.

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The first season came out in 2020 on Girliyapa YouTube channel. It also stars Shivankit Singh Parihar, Sunita Rajwar and Deepak Kumar Mishra.

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