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Rashmi Agdekar Reacts On Similarities Between ‘The Interns’ & ‘The Bold Type’

In an exclusive interview with Lehren, actor Rashmi Agdekar reacted to the question of 'The Interns' being similar to the American show 'The Bold Type'.

‘The Interns’ is a light-hearted Hindi series that streams on Girliyapa YouTube Channel. It showcases the life of three young interns of a firm named ‘Digital Diva’. These interns, played by actors Rashmi Agdekar, Ahsaas Channa and Revathi Pillai in the lead roles, come with their own dramas. It is interesting to watch these girls power through their internship and their lives. The first season came out in September 2020 while the second season is being released in October 2021.

The show reminds the audience of the American show ‘The Bold Type’, which also showcases the lives of three young interns making their way to upper positions in a fashion magazine. They also share an apartment at a certain point of time and deal with a lot of drama in their personal lives as well.

Recently, we got in touch with actor Rashmi Agdekar, one of the leads in ‘The Interns’ and asked her about the similarities between the show. She said, “I have heard about ‘The Bold Type’, but I haven’t watched it. People have been drawing parallels between the two shows. But I don’t know that to how much extent they are similar.”

When asked that why her show is a must-watch, Rashmi added, “In today’s time, there are a lot of women-centric content being made. But while aiming for portraying feminism, they head in a totally different direction. That is just wrong. The meaning of feminism and its implementation is very different from what is being portrayed. And our show makes an attempt to show that. That’s what I feel. There are no unnecessary scenes of smoking, drinking or abusing, just for the sake of it, or for trying to prove a point. Also, it’s a sensibly written story, which is women-centric, but it doesn’t throw feminism in your face. I feel that it is a truly feminist show.”

“And, it has me, Ahsaas and Revathi. What else do you want?”, Rashmi laughs.

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Well, how you watched both the shows? Do you feel there are any similarities between both?

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