Ranveer Singh Aggressively Kisses Bear Grylls, People Call It ‘Assault’

In a viral clip from 'Ranveer vs Wild With Bear Grylls', Ranveer Singh is seen wildly kissing Bear Grylls, which has shocked the viewers.

Ranveer Singh is known for always being high on energy. However, this time, his over-the-top behavior seems to have backfired. Ranveer recently made his Netflix debut with his interactive special Ranveer vs Wild With Bear Grylls. He teamed up with survival expert Bear Grylls for this special episode. The show premiered last week and the viewers were shocked to see a moment between Ranveer and Bear Grylls, where the actor repeatedly kisses the survivalist.

The short clip is now going viral on social media and people are calling it ‘cringe’.

In the viral video, Ranveer and Bear are in the helicopter. Ranveer out of pure excitement begins wildly kissing Bear on his cheek and neck. Indian viewers are shocked to see Ranveer’s behaviour and calling it ‘assault’.

Check out a few tweets:

A user labelled it “border line assault.”

Another user tweeted, “can we talk about how Ranveer Singh almost molested Bear Grylls.”

A person took a dig at Ranveer Singh as she wrote, “Bear Grylls may survive the wild. But will he survive Ranveer Singh?”

“Yeh humara ladka nahi hai,” tweeted someone.

The premise of Ranveer Vs Wild with Bear Grylls is that Ranveer is in the Serbian wilderness to obtain a rare flower called Serbica Ramonda for his wife Deepika Padukone. Survival expert Bear Grylls helps him on his quest. In the opening scene, Ranveer is rescued by a chopper carrying Bear. Ranveer starts kissing him on the cheek and neck repeatedly while Bear looks uncomfortable. The clip is going viral with a label that reads, “probably the scariest moment of Bear Grylls’ life”

Ranveer Vs Wild With Bear Grylls is available on Netflix.

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