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Ranbir Opens Up On Last 2 Years Spent With Dad Rishi Kapoor

Ranbir in his recent interview with ace Bollywood journalist Rajeev Masand opened up about his last 2 years spent with dad Rishi Kapoor.

The stellar versatile performer who is best known for films like Barfi (2012), Rockstar (2011), Tamasha (2015), Sanju (2018) and so on, he has been ruling the hearts of his fans and audiences all across the globe from past so many years. During his recent interview with renowned journalist Rajeev Masand, Ranbir opens up on last 2 years spent with dad Rishi Kapoor.

Throwing more light on how his dad Rishi Kapoor had the biggest impact on him as a person and actor, In his latest interview with veteran and ace film critic Rajeev Masand, Ranbir opens up on last 2 years spent with dad Rishi Kapoor.

Ranbir lost his father Rishi Kapoor earlier this year in April 2020 after Rishi lost the battle to cancer with which he had been battling from last two years. Rishi’s loss in this Bollywood industry was a huge and big blow and has created a void which can’t be filled. Now in his recent interview with Rajeev Masand, Ranbir opens up on last 2 years spent with dad Rishi Kapoor.

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When asked that how have the last few months been for him and has he gotten any time for introspection in midst of this pandemic, Ranbir said, “Well, I think there’s only been time for that. It’s been quite a  big year in my life starting with losing a parent which I don’t think has seeped in yet. Still in some ways dealing with that. Of course with the pandemic, my mother herself tested positive..so many things happened in this year. But yes, I have had good time to reflect on things.. to reflect on my personal, professional life. Where acting is concerned, of course I miss it. I just hope I haven’t forgotten it (smiles) It’s been quite sometime since I have been in front of the camera but it’s like riding a cycle. Once you’re on it.. it just takes some time and then you’re at it”.

Furthermore, Ranbir also added, “It’s been a big year for the entire world. We’ve all had silence with ourselves and figured out who we are”.

When asked that in which ways did his father Rishi Kapoor inspire him, Ranbir shared that his father had the largest impact on him along with opening up more on his last 2 years spent with Dad Rishi Kapoor.  Ranbir throwing more light on it asserted, “I think the person I am is because of the strong value system he imbibed in me. He’s been an extremely passionate man, a family man. Just the time I spent with him in these last 2 years before he passed.. walking with him from the hotel to the hospital while he was getting his chemotherapy and just walking in silence and just being around him.. it’s gone so fast but I don’t know if I have really formed words yet to tell what impact he has had on me. But I do know that it’s the largest impact a human being has had in my life so far”.

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