Ranbir Kapoor Praises Alia Bhatt For Working During Her Pregnancy, “We Should Respect..”

Ranbir Kapoor praises his wife Alia Bhatt for working during her pregnancy, saying people who are criticizing her are just "jealous".

Brahmastra: After almost 10 years spent in the making, Ayan Mukerji’s film Brahmastra has finally been released in the theatres. Meanwhile, the team of the film including Ranbir-Alia went through excessive promotions to make their film a box office success, in a recent interview, Brahmastra actor Ranbir Kapoor praised his wife, Alia Bhatt for working so hard even during her pregnancy he further said that all the criticism against Alia is just “jealousy”.

Ranbir Kapoor Says People Who Are Criticising Alia Bhatt Are ‘Jealous’ Of Her

In a recent interview with NDTV, Brahmastra actor Ranbir Kapoor praised his wife Alia Bhatt for working hard during her pregnancy he said, “One thing is clear and I’m not saying this because she’s my wife. Alia in the history of Indian cinema is probably one of the most important actors there’s ever been. The work she’s done on screen or the kind of way she carries herself, the value system that she has and what she stands by, I haven’t seen that strength in men or women and I think we should just respect that,”

He further added that people who have been criticizing Alia are just “jealous” of her, he said,  “I think the way she has carried herself through the entire marketing of this film being pregnant, being in the condition that she is – I think you should only be inspired by that. Any kind of criticism is just jealousy and mischief makers and stupidity and we should not take that seriously.”

Alia Bhatt Opens Up On Receiving Negative Comments For Brahmastra

During a recent interaction with the media, Alia Bhatt responded to a question about receiving negative comments about the film. Addressing the topic Alia said, “We have only one life and two options in it. We can either focus on the positive things or think about negativity.”

She added, “Whenever media asks a negative questions, we try to not divert ourselves into it. Criticism, reviews, opinions and feedback are the audience’s right. We just hope to come across more positive things rather than anything negative. Film release hone k baad aisa lag raha hani positive hi ja raha hain warna jo box office me aag lagayi hai woh hota nahi (Ever since Brahmastra has released, I think it has been positive, otherwise, how has it set the box office on fire),”

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