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Rakhi Sawant Hosts Pizza Party For Her Fans

Actor and dancer Rakhi Sawant hosted a pizza party in Mumbai for her fans after the success of her song 'Dream Mein Entry'.

Rakhi Sawant is one of the biggest entertainers in the Hindi film industry. Hailing from a poor background with no financial or emotional support from her family, Rakhi struggled for years to become an independent woman. She always puts herself out there, doing and saying weird things in order to get people’s attention.

“I don’t have huge money to spend on PR, so I have to do things to get people’s attention,” says Rakhi. Despite all the drama and entertainment that she does for the audience, Rakhi is a warm and kind-hearted person. From her family, to her fans, to the paparazzi, she gives equal importance to each one of them.

After her stint in Bigg Boss 14, Rakhi shot for a music video titled ‘Dream Mein Entry’. In order to promote the song, Rakhi went to the streets and danced with commoners like Auto rickshaw drivers. And now, when the song is a hit, Rakhi celebrated with her fans by hosting a pizza party. She distributed slices of pizza by herself to each person present at the celebrations.

Dream Mein Entry has crossed over 17 million views till now.

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