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Rakhi Sawant Gets A Gift From Her New Boyfriend

Rakhi Sawant got a very precious gift from her new boyfriend Adil Khan Durrani. The actress revealed the same.

Controversial actress Rakhi Sawant who recently flew to Dubai with her new boyfriend Adil Khan has received a gift. Rakhi’s new boyfriend Adil Khan Durrani has also made a media presence. The actress and her beau flew off to Dubai for meeting his parents. She has now received a gift from her boyfriend. The former Bigg Boss contestant has also revealed the precious gift that she has received from her boyfriend. She also talked about the bond she shares with him. She revealed that his parents are not in favor of their relationship but his aunt will convenience his parents. 

Talking about the gift that she received, she said, “Adil has bought a house in Dubai in my name. The other day, he’d gifted me a BMW. But frankly, my treasure is his love. His love is true. He is a loyalist. He is very serious about me, else which guy introduces his love so early to his family?” 

In the interview, when Adil was asked about the changes that he wants to see in Rakhi, he replied, “Nothing much, it is just that I feel she should wear dresses which are less glamorous and more covered.  She has told me everything about herself, including her shaadi with Ritesh. Earlier I didn’t know about it, but now I know. I haven’t even seen her Main Hoon Naa yet, neither Bigg Boss.” 

Adil Khan Durrani is six years younger than Rakhi Sawant. Adil’s cousins live in Dubai and according to the claims done by Rakhi, his aunt will make his parents convinced of their relationship. 

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