Rakhi Sawant Blames Modi Ji For Her Sleepless Nights

Watch Rakhi Sawant's rib-tickling interview as she blames Prime Minister Narendra Modi for her sleepless nights.

Rakhi Sawant was spotted at the Mumbai airport today. She told the paparazzi that she is going to meet her boyfriend Adil Khan since she is not feeling good. The actress claimed that she hasn’t slept for two nights and blamed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for it. She said, “My life has been destroyed. Modi Ji has destroyed my life. I haven’t slept for two nights. Ever since I got my booster dose, I haven’t been able to sleep. My heart is beating too fast. I am tired. My face has swelled up. I can’t fall asleep for even half an hour. I am in a very bad state. I am just looking for Adil. I am going to meet him.”

She added, “I think this booster should only be given to older people. This booster dose seems like Viagra or Shilajit. This booster ignites the fire within you.”

She then said to the paparazzi, “Please get it only after you turn 60.”

Two days ago, Rakhi Sawant took to her Instagram and shared a video of herself getting the booster dose of Covid-19. And now, when she is criticizing PM Modi for the booster dose, people have trolled her. A user commented on her video, “If you get all that fillers and botox out of your body it won’t swell. Don’t blame the booster or the PM for trying to save our lives.”

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