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Punjabi Stars Come Together To Boycott Kangana Ranaut

Celebrities from Punjabi cinema have condemned Kangana Ranaut's statement on the ongoing farmers' protest.

Celebrities from Punjabi cinema are uniting together to boycott Bollywood’s controversial queen Kangana Ranaut. If you are unaware, Kangana Ranaut made a very controversial statement on the ongoing farmers’ protest in northern part of India. Calling the protesting farmers anti-national, Kangana had tweeted, “Shame… in the name of farmers har koi apni rotiyaan sek raha hai, hopefully, the government won’t allow anti-national elements to take advantage and create another Shaheen Baag riots for bloodthirsty vultures and tukde gang…”

And now, when most of the farmers from Punjab are protesting against the farm bill, Kangana’s statement didn’t go well with people from Punjab. Actor Sargun Mehta condemned Kangana’s statement by tweeting, “Like you have the right to express yourself, they too have the right to put across their opinions. The only difference is that you speak without any reason or a cause and they are fighting for their rights.”

Bigg Boss fame Himanshi Khurrana also called out Kangana for trying to shift the focus from the main topic by linking farmers’ protests to Shaheen Bagh.

Actor and singer Ammy Virk tweeted, “Shame on you, you are talking about my elders. when a bit of your house was broken in Bombay, you stirred up a storm. Here the govt has taken away our rights.”

Sukhe wrote, “We are just standing with farmers with our people we are not supporting any government.”  He then also hash tagged ‘Boycott Kangana Ranaut’ for her hurtful statements.

Well, what do you think about Kangana’s statement? Do tell us in the comments below.

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