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Priyanka’s New Restaurant Sona Has Crab Puri And Caviar In Menu

Priyanka's new restaurant Sona has finally opened few days back in New York, and interesting fact about menu is that it has quirky dishes like crab puri and caviar along with golgappa shots.

The globally loved Bollywood / Hollywood star, singer, producer, bestselling author, and now an entrepreneur, desi girl of Bollywood Priyanka’s new restaurant Sona has crab puri and caviar in menu.

Priyanka is on a professional career high moment right now as her list of achievements keep on increasing with each day and now ready to surprise everyone as an entrepreneur as well, its so amazing to see that global icon Priyanka’s new restaurant Sona has crab puri and caviar in menu.

Whilst she has a sleuth of really interesting film and series projects up her sleeves, but she is simultaneously handling other things also quite well wherein her debut as a book writer with New York Times best-selling memoir Unfinished based on her own life, was a huge hit amongst the readers and was launched officially in last month February 2021, and now Priyanka has also opened her own new restaurant named Sona in New York and the glimpse of the menu food items surely will make any foodie crave for it since Priyanka’s new restaurant Sona has crab puri and caviar in menu.

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Titled as ‘Sona’, this restaurant is located in the New York City and now it has also opened its doors to public and also recently the hit Netflix series Stranger Things star Michael Park was also seen paying a visit to the restaurant. Now finally its also been revealed about the food delicacies on menu of Sona which looks really interesting and scrumptious.

The head chef of Sona, Hari Nayak spilled the beans about the menu of Sona in his latest interview with a leading global entertainment magazine. Whilst the menu also has familiar and every Indian’s favorite dishes like Dahi Kachori and Kofta Korma, it also is different because of the quirky and totally unconventional out of the box dishes like Golgappa shots, Crab puri and caviar which is also Priyanka’s favorite and the menu also has Nick Jonas favorite indian dessert Gajar Ka Halwa.

Speaking about Crab puri and caviar, the chef said that it is a buttery garlic Bombay style crab that is topped with caviar and furthermore he also said, “Priyanka did several tastings with us. Golgappa Shots was her idea; it’s her way of getting the party started”. There’s also Butter chicken, Goan fish curry and buckwheat bhel on the menu.

Meanwhile, in the same interview itself, Priyanka Chopra’s business partner Maneesh Goyal spilled the beans that it was indeed Nick Jonas who suggested the name Sona. He said that after a tasting with his brothers, Nick suggested the name and clubbing it all Maneesh in the interview told, “We were all like: What? How do you know even that word?”.

He then also revealed that Nick had learnt this word and also found the meaning during his wedding.

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