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Priyanka Opens On How She Was Asked To Leave Film

In her recent appearance as a celebrity guest at an international special podcast interview on Skimm'd On The Couch, globally loved bollywood and hollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra opened up on how she was once asked to leave a film as she spoke up on the pay disparity over her nominal paycheck when compared to her male co star but she decided to stay and not give up since she thought that maybe this is how the industry works.

After starting the new year 2021 on a high note professionally with her movie The White Tiger which is getting rave critic reviews and also applauds from audiences and fans, the globally loved bollywood and Hollywood star Priyanka Chopra is on cloud nine and in the best phase of her life as she also turned into an author with her memoir titled Unfinished. Some new excerpts from this memoir have made its way online through a recent international podcast episode wherein Priyanka opens on how she was asked to leave film.

Few written excerpts which made their way online have taken the internet by storm and is going viral on social media, whereby the Priyanka Chopra fans across the globe can see that in her recent appearance as a guest on the podcast episode, Priyanka opens on how she was asked to leave film.

Interesting tit bit from the memoir book throwing light on the life of globally loved bollywood and Hollywood star is that in her latest international podcast chat interview after Unfinished became a best-selling book in US, Priyanka opens on how she was asked to leave film.

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It also looks like how stellar performer and bollywood starlet Priyanka Chopra has opened on many personal incidents and anecdotes which are deeply related to her life in Unfinished.

Bollywood’s Desi Girl and also a well renowned Hollywood star Priyanka Chopra’s memoir Unfinished is out now. In her new special podcast interview at Skimm’d On The Couch, Priyanka revealed about how she was asked to leave the film when she spoke up about pay disparity and raised her concerns on that nominal paycheck of hers when compared to the male co-star. However then, she decided to just stay and suck it up as well.

After Priyanka’s highly anticipated memoir book Unfinished is out now for the entire world to read and see, many have already started reading the book which speaks deeply about both her personal and professional life as well along with tracing her entire journey right from becoming a Bollywood star to becoming a globally renowned bollywood and Hollywood superstar today.

Speaking about it, this book gives an exclusive sneak peek through the excerpt about the global star’s personal life.

In a recent internationally prominent radio podcast from Skimm’d On The Couch, Priyanka discloses about how she had been asked to leave the film just because she spoke up and raised concerns on her nominal paycheck when compared to her male co-star but then against all odds, Priyanka decided to stay and suck it up since she then used to think that maybe this is the exact way that the film industry works.

Speaking about this incident that took place quite early on within her career, Priyanka asserted, “I have been kicked out of a movie once… Or told that I should leave. I wasn’t kicked out of it because I decided to stay and suck it (up). I was told that if I don’t take the paycheck which was nominal compared to my co-actor for almost the same amount of work… The producer told me that there are so many other girls who will take this opportunity and women in movies are interchangeable”.

She then also added that how she didn’t really raise any objections over it back then since she ‘had to work within the system’ and was made to think and believe that this is the only way to be working in this industry. She furthermore, went on to add, “It took almost 15 years for me to get to that place where, you know, I could stand my ground. It took hearing the conversations from other women banding together to give me the confidence to stand up for myself”.

On the work front, Priyanka has next her debut digital OTT series Citadel, Matrix 4, Text 4 You and many other projects in her pipeline.

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