Priyanka Gets Candid About Her Memoir Unfinished With Oprah

Known for brilliant performances in The White Tiger (2021), Barfi (2012) and so on, globally loved Bollywood diva Priyanka gets candid about her memoir Unfinished with Oprah Winfrey.

After the totally explosive interview with Prince Harry and Meghan, now the next global icon to make her appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show is our Bollywood’s desi girl Priyanka Chopra. Its really most juicy news scoop of the day that Priyanka gets candid about her memoir Unfinished with Oprah.

Currently garnering the rave reviews since her memoir Unfinished has ended up becoming a bestselling book in New York, in this special interview, Priyanka gets candid about her memoir Unfinished with Oprah.

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Also, there is a lot of buzz along with fans love and critics curiosity since this memoir is basically about her entire journey encompassing her childhood, teenage, Bollywood career and its struggles along with Hollywood career and its obstacles including interesting stories about her previous and then relationships and the anecdotes from her personal life which give us an insight into the entire life journey of Priyanka Chopra from being a nationally loved Bollywood star to now being a globally prominent Bollywood / Hollywood superstar and spilling beans about her book and more, we would get to see how Priyanka gets candid about her memoir Unfinished with Oprah.

In  the latest promo video that’s made its way to the internet, we can see how Oprah asks Priyanka what prompted her to write a memoir at young age of 38 which is already a New York Times best seller and why did she feel the need to make it at this moment and was it because of having the ample time thanks to COVID 19, and on this Priyanka said, “I had to say a little bit had to do with that. But I had committed to writing this book back in 2018 and in between all those flights and little time that I got in hotel rooms that I lived in, I could just never write”.

Further continuing on how she had this ample time Priyanka says, “But I had this time due to COVID which helped me in really delving deep. Honestly I also feel like I, as a woman is now in a little bit more of a secure place”.

She also went on to add, “I felt like I could leave behind the insecurities of my 20s and not worry about the things that used to scare me before. I have a little bit more confidence in myself and what I bring to the table, professionally, personally. I think that really helped me address my life”.

Priyanka towards the end of the promo video interview clip with Oprah Winfrey is seen saying, “I always just wanted to write a book and I thought that the easiest way to do it would be to write down about my life”.

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