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Priyanka Chopra Would’ve Had An Adopted Baby Sister, Here’s How!

The desi girl of Bollywood was once close to being a sister to an abandoned baby girl but wasn't able to. Here's why!

Priyanka Chopra Jonas and hubby Nick Jonas welcomed their first child together, baby girl Malti Marie Chopra Jonas a few months back via surrogacy and just like that, the adorable couple have now become parents. While the world poured in love and congratulatory messages on the birth of the newborn, here’s an interesting story, etched right from PC’s childhood, for all those who haven’t heard of it before.

Not many know, but Priyanka Chopra had once revealed how her parents, specifically her mother Madhu Chopra, was almost about to adopt a girl child once when Priyanka was still a little kid. The ‘Quantico’ actress had herself mentioned in her memoir ‘Unfinished’ about the interesting story.

Priyanka revealed how her mother, who’s a doctor by profession, had once carried home an abandoned baby girl she found outside of a hospital, with the hopes of giving the newborn a shelter. PC mentioned in her memoir saying, “My grandmother, who had come to live with us when Sid was born, was up and speaking in a low voice to my mother, who seemed to be racing around the house. Groggy with sleep, I got up to see what was going on and found Mom in the kitchen cradling a newborn in her arms.”

“She told me that after the delivery, when she’d returned to her car parked on the road outside the hospital, she’d heard the sound of a baby crying. To her complete shock, while the rain was coming down in torrents someone had abandoned a newborn girl under the vehicle. That night, I desperately wanted for us to keep the baby, this impossibly tiny thing swaddled in my brother’s clothes. Gently, my mother explained that we couldn’t.” she continued.

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However, Priyanka’s mother decided to hand the baby to a childless couple, unaware of all the paperwork that goes behind adopting a child. “There was plenty of legal paperwork that would have to be completed, but I was unaware of that at the time, focused as I was on holding the baby snug in my arms as we drove through the stormy night to the home of that waiting couple. I will never forget the looks on their faces, how the woman fell to her knees in gratitude, how they both cried at the miracle of a baby showing up out of the blue, in the driving rain, during the festival Janmashtami,” she wrote.

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