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Preity Zinta Gives A Tour Of Her Apple Farm In Shimla

Bollywood actor Preity Zinta revisits her childhood as she gives a tour of her apple farm in Shimla.

Bollywood’s most bubbly actor Preity Zinta is having a blast during her stay in India. As she visited Shimla, she recalled her childhood memories of spending time on an apple farm. The actress shared a video on her Instagram, where she gave a tour to the fans of her family orchard of apples.

She wrote in the caption, “I was so excited to see apple trees after so long that the minute it stopped raining I ran out and made this video. Glad I did so cuz minutes after it was pouring again. Going back home to our family farm during apple season after so many years was an emotional & exhilarating experience. Growing up, this place was dominated by the larger than life presence of my Grandfather, Grandmother and Rajinder Mamaji & Uma Mamiji. We spent the best days of my childhood here. Apple season was always special. So many rules. No eating in the grading halls, no disturbing or distracting the labour that diligently plucked apples in special baskets called Kiltas, no playing with apples or throwing them around etc. My fav part was apple plucking & collecting the largest and the smallest apples of the season & of course glasses of freshly squeezed apple juice.”

Talking about taking up farming, Preity said, “Two years ago, I officially became a farmer & am so proud to be part of the farming community of the apple belt of Himachal Pradesh. Here’s a shout out to Himachal Apples that are the best apples in the world. I’m super stoked & proud of how well everything is maintained in all the farms given the covid situation, shortage of labour etc… I’m also extremely proud of my brother for going completely organic & replanting our orchard with organic apple trees.”

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Preity also planted some more trees in Shimla. She told her fans, “I’m planting a Himalayan Cedar tree cuz Climate change & global warming is impacting all of us. It’s not just our duty but also our moral responsibility to give back to our environment so that our future generations have the same natural beauty & clean air we grew up with.”

Preity Zinta was born on January 31, 1975. She studied at the Convent of Jesus and Mary boarding school in Shimla. After her schooling, Zinta pursued her English Honours degree from St. Bede’s College in the beautiful valley.

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